Hey Mr. Taxi Driver

Tuesday, September 06, 2011 Jonette 2 Comments

[Caveat: Gentle readers and friends alike, this is a potentially angry-ranty post. If reading about non-belief is not your thing, I'm cool with that. There are other fine non-charged posts on this blog which I'm sure you'll enjoy. but if you do decide to stay and read, please remember this is me being human below... and that I thank you for choosing to sit this out with me.]

I will say it now, and have it be over and done with.

Mr. Taxi Driver, I like you. You’re a pretty cool dude, I appreciate your great command of English, and that you’re quite the charmer.

But please please please, for the love of rapport and all that is swag about the common commute, do not cry over the fact that I am an atheist. 

Most specially not in front of me.


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