Dusty dusty

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Jonette 0 Comments

Poor blog, I've missed you.

Home life has been nothing short of ...happy. Happy. Hectic and crazy and all-day-plan-y, but overall very happy. (and not a photo to show of it for now. Sorry, guys.)

Instead here's a lovely art installation from the talented Jin, China, Kat, Sandra and Miguel:

Always name names when possible, specially when they make lovely things.

From the Facebook Wall of a good friend of mine --

"You feel the love of a woman through the food she cooks for you. Some food says, 'Take care' others may say 'Stay strong' but there are those rare times when they say 'Hurry home to me.'

In my mind, it seems that our days are now measured and charted in three ways -- the anime shows we watch, the DOTA and Magic: The Gathering matches we play, and food.

Oh, food. Good, home-cooked food.


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