Webbie Spotlight: Snack or Die

Thursday, June 26, 2008 Jonette 1 Comments

Sometimes, you just gotta love StumbleUpon for serving up unexpected squee-worthy delights, such as this:

Super Mario Mushroom Cookies! Absolutely adorable, and quite easy to make, provided you have all the ingredients (including a sizable, ready-made sponge cake), diligence and patience. I instantly thought this would make really cute and fitting favors for a gamer's wedding, down to the legendary Super Mario cake.

You can find the recipe on Snack or Die, alongside some equally amusing confections for the discerning gourmet gamer. It also features Koopa Shell Cookies, which I think might be a fitting addition to the bridal buffet -- thing is, who do you serve it to? wedding crashers?


in-laws? (just kidding, mom. Love you! ^_^)

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