And to all a good night!

Saturday, December 25, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Happy holidays!

May we celebrate and be thankful for the things in life we truly live for. Peace on earth, and goodwill to all men!


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These holidays, I am thankful for...

Saturday, December 25, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

... family reunions big and small.
.. good food shared with great company. 
... unexpectedly geeking out and squeeing with fabulous cousins and friends, gay, straight, and more. 
... a pint-sized princess of a kitten. 
... the feel of yarn and kitting needles. 
... heaps of pretty, pretty fabric to play with. 
... pretty, pretty Christmas lights. 
... Sea monkeys.
... discovering and enjoying the past decade's TV shows for the first time.
... RuPaul's Drag Race Seasons 1 and 2.. 

... surprise packages from relatives across the globe. 
... hanging out sleepless with good friends, and talking about silly things. 
... the hand-made goodies that come with said friends. ^_^"
... friends who get me with books, videos, links, and more food for thought.
... friends I share girl time, secrets, and crafting joys with.
... learning from online buddies. 
... scrumptious old-fashioned bibingka galapong ang puto bumbong. 
... sewing machine hijinks and conundrums, for clarity of thought.
... flying paper lanterns to try out with my dad come New Year's.
... delicious food discoveries, and sharing them with loved ones.
... a job I love, and great bosses who cheer me on to do my best. 

... exploration and inspiration, in all forms. 
... a mom who supports me in my decisions 100%. 
... a dad who teaches me wisdom and balances me out. 
... long, restful naps. 
.. anime series marathons. 
.. escapes to comic and anime conventions, and making mundane tasks a joy to do.
... cuddle time. 
... crunch time. 
... a wonderful and amazing partner who makes all the above possible, and makes life an adventure. 
... permission from the Universe and myself to enjoy life, to pick myself up after a stumble and laugh it off, to shine, and to feel good about myself.

There are probably so many other aspects of my 2010 that I do feel thankful for, but elude me at the moment. For all these, and so much, much more, I am grateful. 

What are you thankful for these holidays?


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Fire teh laz0rs!

Monday, December 20, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Meet my new surveillance and security system. 

Mink has taken her aptitude for climbing a few feet further, and has breached the eight-foot high firewall. This is now her second favorite spot, where she can enjoy the chilly breeze and annoy the hounds next door from somewhere safe. 

She will also not hesitate to disable intruders on sight. You have been warned. 

Of course, she does come down to behave like a sweet little kitty again, but only when she wants to. 

Mink, further annoying the dogs. 

Mink inspecting our neighbor's side of  the matter. 
They speak not against her, and that pleases her. Greatly.

For now, only a constant offering of kibbles and cuddling can placate this --eherm-- ferocious beast. Indeed, what is to become of us? 


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Sequins and Paint: Behind the Scenes

Monday, December 20, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

 12-05-10; Sunday -- Decided the paper-quilling idea might be too risky and time-consuming, and settled on a mask curtain to work within the time and resources available at the moment. James reinforced the mask curtain idea, and calmed me down every time I went haywire and anxious. Bought the materials; had forgotten how jam-packed crazy malls can be in December. 


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Weekend-long after-party glow, sort of.

Monday, December 13, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

{photo by Leo Lambert David}

Party's done. So much work, so many happy people, so much fun. 

I'm happy to say James and I have now sort of recuperated from this past Saturday's escapade, and I'm just so glad the party turned out quite grandly. 

More details to come, once a few things are in order. 

Isn't Leo's shot lovely? ^_^*


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Decembers are busy.

Saturday, December 04, 2010 Jonette 3 Comments

Hi everyone. After a super-busy week at work, here I am. Just give me a second, and I'll stop vibrating. 


In the course of the past two weeks, two rather interesting things have happened to Yours Truly. 

The First: I am now a part of our company's newsletter team. Horray, horray! I am currently working on three articles -- two are profiles on AJ's crafting and Mon's armor-making, and another is a short list of DIY gift ideas. I'm glad to say the first article is now done and waiting in the wings for layout work, and the DIY gifts article is in the middle of pruning. I now have a new-found respect for an editor's lot -- fitting important information and panache into a few paragraphs is no joke! All in all, it's good to be writing again. 

The Second: our HR head has recruited me to help decorate the venue for our year-ender Christmas party. 

The venue is HUGE. I'm really glad we managed to find a supplier for decorative ceiling swags and other accouterments. At present, I'm assigned to decorate the stage's backdrop. I'm thinking of experimenting with paper quilling, albeit on a larger scale. This Flickriver gives me a number of interesting ideas. 

The theme for the party is a masquerade, and the motif colors are magenta and gold. Hmmm. A challenge, but not an unsurmountable one. I've a mind to also use other shades of red and purple, and maybe work in some cream. Well, we'll see. 

Update: I think I may have to scrap the paper quilling idea in favor of something simpler. Thinking of making a curtain of masks. We'll see. 


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Dream Journal: The P2k Transformer

Friday, December 03, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

I woke from a rather pleasant dream Monday morning, and I'm going to write it down just so I won't forget about it.  Or get back to it in case I do.

I was looking through the different wares of a flea-market-cum-used-car-dealership that popped up in Cubao. (Don't ask me. Dreams are interesting that way.) Much to my surprise, I found an old car with this interesting pewter-pinkish paint job. Half of the hood was painted in black, and the block of black was amusingly edged in tiny scallops. It made me think this must have what Nissans looked like in the 80's, albeit its edges were slightly rounder.

Oh, and the car went for P2,000. Verrrrry odd.

for some reason, I felt it was going to be a good deal, so I bought it anyway. I had no idea how I took it home, but one minute, I was looking up at a nine-foot tall Transformer where my car used to be.

Wow. Well. I'm going to have to hide him, aren't I?

He didn't look like any of the transformers I was familiar with. Now that I think about it, he looked like he had an Optimus Prime face  on a Megatron body with a pewter Starscream helmet.

Oh, and he behaved nothing like the three. this 'bot was a big, bashful hunk of metal. curious too. He'd get curious about a streetlight, and try to gently prod it with his finger, break it, and end up hiding and quaking underneath his hands. Poor guy.

Now I wonder how I managed to get him past the gasoline depots without arousing his curiosity. Talk about getting a big pet.


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