Ureshii: 13

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Jonette 6 Comments

Wow, what a week! Wait, week? What week?

The week's gone by in a blur, and there is just so much to be thankful and happy about!


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Painted Lady

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Jonette 6 Comments

.. which, incidentally, is also the name of a group of colorful butterlflies, subgenus Cynthia. It also happens to be the name of a murder-mystery miniseries, starring Helen Mirren as a washed-up blues vocalist turned art thief.


What I really want to say is, I really feel like I'm one of Frank Frazetta's painted ladies here.

With more clothing, less chain-mail bikini, and just as much oomph, of course. 

Parisienne good-girl flats for the streets... 

... and bitch shoes in the office. 

Add bowler hat. 

sleeveless pull-over: hand-me-down, brand unknown
top: Julia Plus, by Robinson's Galleria 
wiggle skirt: upcycled from a pair of stretchy slacks 
flats and stilettos: random bazaar stalls 


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Hello, hello, hello!

Monday, March 22, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

Wow! Hello, hello, everyone! I am so so thrilled and elated to find I am part of Gala Darling's Carousel for the week! Horray, Horray! I am so happy to have you over at my cozy little corner of the Internet, and I'm glad you enjoy your stay. Here's blowing kisses to all you lovely people. 

Many, many feather headdresses and sugar doves to Gala Darling. Keep being the inspiration and the glamorous, vivacious lady you are! Once upon a time, I shocked my officemates by coming to work in pink hair. well, I got inspired by you, and I'd been wanting to try that for a long time! (Now, if I could just find the picture for that...) 


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Happy Pi Day, everyone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

Wow! Happy, happy Pi day to you and me! What goes around comes around, and it's a great day for circles today. 

Ladies and gents, start your mental engines. It's time to start memorizing Pi up to the millionth place! Can you handle this? 

Or, do you know how old you are in Pi years? Turns out I'm just 8.41. Well, that certainly explains a lot! 

Now go enjoy some delicious pie... 

... and wash it down with some Pi-tini!

 courtesy of ThinkGeek. 

On a personal note, I would like those ice trays in my freezer now. ;) 


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Pocket watches are lovely.

Saturday, March 13, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

I have this terrific knack for sidetracking myself and stumbling upon the most awesome finds. I tell myself, "Okay, Jonette, you only need to buy a couple of meals for lunch and dinner to bring to work, and nothing else. Nothing else, right?" "Right!", my Ego chirps, and then it catches a glimpse of something, and goes "Ooooh, pretty!" and there go my plans out the window.

Well, not all the time, at least,. I do often get the job done as intended, but not without some extra shopping on the side to boot.

Take this past Thursday, for example. The mental conversation up there? Actually happened.

Then this happened too.


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The right to bare arms.

Thursday, March 11, 2010 Jonette 16 Comments

This is a part of Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Project, 
because Life and Love are radical, and so are you and me.

I have Man-arms.

No I don't mean male arms, the lean, toned arms you see on male models. I'm talking about chunky, bicep-heavy, truck-driver arms. The kind you'd expect to see an "I ♥ Mom" tattoo on it. You'd expect my arms to be on someone who's had a few beers and pretzels too many.

But no. I don't drink beer often, and salty pretzels are a bit difficult to come by here. And (alas,) I have no tattoo on my arm, not even an "I ♥ Mom" one.

My arms are just Man-arms. Chunky Man-arms. Manly Man-arms.

So, you can just imagine how I felt going out into the big wide, world one sultry Friday afternoon in a halter dress I made myself.


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Cook It! White Adobo

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 Jonette 6 Comments

Hello, everyone. First off, I'd like to introduce you to Cook It!, a new section of the blog. Every now and then, I'll be writing about recipes I've tried and loved.

Let's start off with Adobong Puti!

I owe all my thanks to the vivacious Ditas for teaching me this recipe.

Early morning Saturdays (and thus, end-of-shift-and-work-week late-night Fridays) always spell house-keeping for me. This is when I strip off the working-girl role I play for most of the week, and put on my Rosie-Riveter housewife face. From then on, it's laundry-duty, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, and wiping down corners, and by the gods, all that makes me feel alive.

In between chores, I usually try to plan the day's meals, figure out what I'll need to buy from the corner green grocer and butcher, and maybe, just maybe (if I don't feel up to cooking or am simply too tired to do so), what the nearby eateries have to offer.

Last Saturday found me unusually energized -- I'd lasted long into 9am, sweeping the front porch and waiting for the sun to dry the washing. I thought to myself, if I still have enough energy to do this, I might as well head over and pick up some ingredients.

The beauty of adobong puti -- or any kind of adobo, for that matter -- is that you can leave it to marinade for half a day, and it will taste just as great. Cook it, enjoy it, tuck away your leftovers for another meal, and you will find the dish even more savory than the last time. The secret is in the sauce, or rather, that it seeps in deeper and deeper into the meat.

Its sweet and savory aroma is comes from its blend of garlic, white vinegar, sugar and salt.


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Too Much Fun on the Internet II: Picture Fun (Webbie Spotlight)

Sunday, March 07, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

Sometimes, there are some silly Stumbles that are just too fun to pass up. I've been playing around on PicJoke.com, and some of their picture makers are too fun to not share with you. Better yet, I've added the links to creating these fun pictures below! :D

Pictures + Internet + crazy person =


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Look! Look! Another gift!

Saturday, March 06, 2010 Jonette 5 Comments

Perhaps I've been extra good all week. I've been receiving wonderful gifts from friends far and near, and I can most confidently say my week is getting radder and radder.


Meream, wonderful-wonderful crafter and blogger friend made me this scraplink! Just how cool is that? She sews and cooks and crafts and takes pictures and collects charming teapots all at the same time while being bloody brilliant about it. I'd be so delighted if you could head over to her blog, Bored and Crafty, and give her a kiss for me. 


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Clearly, I am having too much fun on the internet right now.

Saturday, March 06, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments


It's amazing how much craziness can happen if you put me, the Internet, and lots of free time together.

Right now, James is getting some sorely-needed shut-eye. He came home from a party with his friends and trainer to celebrate their passing a three-week-long training-from-hell. An unexpected twist in the party sent his tummy into acidic conniptions, and he had to take himself to Makati Medical for treatment. (ohnoez!) He's better now, but acid attacks plus a jaunt to the hospital plus being awake for twenty-four hours straight does not a happy boyfriend make. So, after feeding him, it's off to bed with him.

Which leaves me alone with the cat and the Internet! Nyahahahahahahahah!

So here's the first of the insane equations for tonight.

Cat + camera phone + crazy owner + internet =

Clearly, this cat chose to live in the wrong house. XD


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Ureshii: 12

Thursday, March 04, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

source unkown.

Hi, every-all. It's 8:27pm right now, and business is pretty slow at my cubicle. I'm really glad it's been a happy week so far, and I'm just in the middle of it! Wonder what's to come for the next few days.


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One of the best gifts I'd ever received from a friend.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 Jonette 3 Comments

Thank you so much, Gene. This means so much, beyond words.


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D.I.Y.: A Cat-eared Hoodie for Aimee.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 Jonette 7 Comments

Hallo, me luvs! It's a slow day at the office for me, and so I post.

Plug! Plug!

Before anything, I'd like to turn your attentions to the link waaaaay above on the gray bar. do you see that, A Royal Mess? That's James' blog. He writes every now and then about gaming, building decks in Magic: The Gathering, among other romps of unabashed gaming geekery. He's just recently composed an Allies deck that's hard to beat -- and on a shoestring budget, at that! --, and wants to share with you how he did it, and how other players have reacted to it. If you're a gamer like he is and want know more, head over and say hi, and that I sent you. ;)

Alrrrrright then!

For six months past -- or was it seven? --,  I've had an idea go higgledy-piggledy all over the back of my mind at the strangest times. A couple of weeks ago, I finally had enough, and went all willy-nilly at it.

Having a surfeit of clothes and funny vocabulary can do that to you.

My closet housed a hand-me-down hoodie my mother left to me, and a knitted cotton vest. The hoodie was too small for me, and alas, constant washing had shrunk and felted the vest. so, what's a girl to do? Make a cat-eared hoodie, by the gods, that's what.


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