Baubles, Bangles, and Beads

Tuesday, June 08, 2010 Jonette 3 Comments

There will always be an element of fun in finding a package on your table -- and much more when you find it comes from a friend.

Meream sent me this quite a lovely trove in the mail, all thanks to her birthday giveaway. (Thank you, Meream!)

A confession: It's been quite a while since I truly wore hoop or dangling earrings. I'd always felt they were quite decadent for everyday wear, and oh how unabashedly womanly they were.

Earrings like these would go tremendously with low or shoulder-baring necklines. Oh my.

Behold the necklace. It delights me how it closes in front instead of the back. Lockets are designed to house secrets, and I shall find one such secret to keep in this.

There's just something sensual I find in large pieces. Perhaps th word sensual is not enough to capture the entire idea; jewelry is meant to kiss your bare skin, give it another layer of sensation aside from the touch of cloth or air. It could be the susurrus of fine chain, or the friskiness of beads rolling, rolling, rolling about.

Large jewelry pieces also make me strangely more aware of my body, and how each part flows, melts into the other. Take a necklace. The necklace makes me aware of my head, which flows into my neck, which flows into my shoulders, into my chest, my breasts, my sternum. It leads the eye down this path, and it makes me keenly aware of it over and over again.

Wearing jewelry is another way of seducing yourself.

Coco Chanel instructed to "... put scent where you want to be kissed". I believe the same is true for jewelry. You wear jewelry where you want someone's eyes to linger. You wear jewelry where you want them to feel arrested, enthralled. you wear jewelry where you want them to wonder what it must be like to kiss you there.



Together with the jewelry came yet another gift from Meream: Grill Pan Cookbook: Great Recipes for Stovetop Grilling, by Jamee Ruth. It's been a long-standing desire of mine to treat James and I to delicious indoor-grilled food, and this just might be the start to giving in to it. This, and a sturdy grill pan, of course. Much love to you, Meream. You shall be the first to hear of the book's christening one day, hopefully soon. :)


  1. wow, you're so lucky- the jewellery looks beautiful! I love the hoops, they're super pretty and versatile <3

  2. Oh Jonette...such a beautiful writer.

    And I shall salivate here when you finally delight us with dishes inspired by the book I gave you :)

  3. @Weesha: Thank you! Yes, they are all indeed so lovely. I think I'll need some getting used to the hoops first. Practice makes perfect. :)

    @Meream, thank you so much for the sweet words and beautiful jewelry. You make me want to start hunting for a most able grill pan! :D


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