Falsies are luff

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

So, I'm beginning to have a thing for falsies. And makeup.

Oh Ellana, how I love you true.

It's a good feeling to have, knowing you look gorgeous. It's a better feeling when your man beams with pride and adoration at you from across the table. Oh, my little heart! 

But falsies. Oh, wonderful, wonderful falsies, how they make the eyes pop and have an air of glamour and sultriness. That, plus the right eye makeup and lip color can make you look quite the lady!

Wearing falsies doesn't really hurt at all. They can feel weird at first - like have a giant butterfly land on your eyelid, like what Miss Kandee Johnson said -- but once the glue dries and you spend some quality time with them, you'll barely notice they're even there.

Now here's how to wear false eyelashes. 

Now, I do look forward to wearing falsies when I can. The ones I'm wearing in the picture above are regular ones, but I secretly hope to come across ones just like Jujubee's

Yyyeah, you get the idea. 

Oh! and Quiz Quiz! 

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