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Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Jonette 0 Comments

Poor blog, I've missed you.

Home life has been nothing short of ...happy. Happy. Hectic and crazy and all-day-plan-y, but overall very happy. (and not a photo to show of it for now. Sorry, guys.)

Instead here's a lovely art installation from the talented Jin, China, Kat, Sandra and Miguel:

Always name names when possible, specially when they make lovely things.

From the Facebook Wall of a good friend of mine --

"You feel the love of a woman through the food she cooks for you. Some food says, 'Take care' others may say 'Stay strong' but there are those rare times when they say 'Hurry home to me.'

In my mind, it seems that our days are now measured and charted in three ways -- the anime shows we watch, the DOTA and Magic: The Gathering matches we play, and food.

Oh, food. Good, home-cooked food.

Is it crazy that I can't remember the dishes we've had off the top of my head for the past few weeks? Think, Jonette, think.

I remember:

-- The invasion of Japanese Curry. (Note: While cooking plenty and freezing a portion is smart, it is usaly not a good idea to eat the same thing three days in a row. For all meals. I do believe we will not be seeing this dish again anytime soon.)

-- Coffee Beef Pot Roast.

-- Baked Mac n' Cheese,

-- and Baked Mac n' Cheeseburger. (The ground beef makes it heartier.)

-- Adobong Puti.

-- Ginataang Langka.

-- Peanut Butter Chicken.

-- Sinigang na Baboy.

-- Crispy, Deep-fried Galunggong. (No scoffing at these Mackarel Scad! They're quite tasty fried right.)

-- Refrigerator Cake.

-- German chocolate Birthday Cake for James. (also later known as Smashed Cake. The cake was cooling right under a rather heavy range lid held back by a stick-up hook that proved too weak. Lesson: buy reliable brands for things that do heavy-duty holding-up.)

-- Bacon Muffins. (James remarked they would go great with savory meals, like steak or such. My thoughts: MOAR BACON. )

-- Sago't Gulaman. (Never realized how much sugar go into those drinks until now. Oh, and always use fresh sago pearls -- Either buy the pearls from your wet market of choice on the same day you plan to make the concoction, or cook the pearls yourself.)

-- Banana-Mango Pudding. (James: "Is from Japan! Is not too sweet, and the texture is just right." ~~ <3)

I look forward to (1) adding more greens and other-colored veggies into our diet, and soon. I've Pochero on my mind, and maybe Caldereta, and if things permit, maybe Kare-Kare. Oh, there's also that Kalamansi Cloud Cake I've seen around. I'm rather tempted to try it, what with the surfeit of the tiny green lemons in my crisper.

Oh, and (2) unearth my cookbooks pronto. the lack of Internet at the apartment for now (PLDT, where art thou?) has provided us with a very interesting set-up. In a way, I find it to be a good thing, because we get to dip into the entertainment and resources  long-tucked away into our moving boxes and hard drives. Oh, either that, or we improvise. (Hon, we still have to christen the pool and the gym in the clubhouse, y'know.)

Mink is now very much a ledge cat. From outside our building, she's not really noticeable at 50 feet high --  you gotta squint to really see her clearly. A part of me wishes the passers-by notice and smile, though.

She is now three kilos heavy (uh-oh.), loves our feet and toes to death -- with her teeth, and has just discovered the trippy euphoria of catnip toys. I never thought purrs could be double-layered until now.


I miss sewing.

The last project I set my sewing machine to was a simple pair of canvas curtains for our bedroom. (We've had quite enough of flashing the pool-goers and disturbing their wholesome family experience, thank you very much. ) They're opaque enough to block out glaring sun rays, but light enough to let air and gentle sun-glow in. T'will serve.

I miss sewing dresses and skirts. I miss wearing dresses and skirts. and petticoats.

*sigh* one step at a time,  I suppose.


When I'm not giving lessons or scouring the Internet for last--minute recipes, I'm scrolling-scrolling-scrolling-reblogging!-scrolling away on my Tumblr. Please do come by when you can, and if you're on Tumblr too, let's swap pages.


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