Webbie Spotlight: Rainbow Cheesecake on Instructables

Sunday, August 24, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

Every had one of those moments when your food just looked so damn good you just wanted to stare at it forever and ever? When work has been driving you for the most part of the week, this little recipe would be one of them. Eye comfort, it is.

the Rainbow Cheesecake is but one of the many featured pies for this month on Instructables. It presents the recipe in four easy steps -- as long as you have all your ingredients and pie crusts set, you're good to go. Best for kids' or your girlfriends'/mom's/aunts'/grandmother's birthdays, or to cheer up your favorite hippie. (What? We love hippies. Desserts are the "chill out and relax, man" of food philosophy. ^_^) It's colorful, it's edible, and it's yummy. How can it not be fun?

Could this pie be a possible tool for hypnosis, too? I know I can't take my eyes of it. :)


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