Webbie Spotlight: S'mores Cookie Bars

Monday, August 25, 2008 Jonette 2 Comments

In two syllables: yam yam. **^_^**

These delectable S'mores Cookie Bars are certified comfort food. Just look at it! Begin to feel your troubles melt away, just like the marshmallow creme and chocolate on this confection. Staring at it for too long brings a tear to my eye -- and a growl in the tummy to match.

I found this delightful number from the blog The Crepes of Wrath. (How can you not love a food blog with a name like that? ) It features great writing, and orgasm-inducing visual food pornography. It's awesome food-on-food action!

Ahem. ^_^"

Should you ever wish to spread the love, there's even a handy post on how to mail cookies. Best for those moments when you wish you could just be there. :)


  1. OMG. I waaaaaaaaaaaant. ♥ TAT *0*

  2. you and me both, girl. I wonder where I can buy marshmallow creme though... ;)


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