Work In Progress: Reproduction Victorian Maiden Regimental Stripe Skirt

Well, that was certainly a mouthful.

Hi everyone. Here's a quick update of the first skirt among Clair's commissions. It will be short because... erm... I really don't know what to say at the moment. ^_^"

The skirt I am meant to imitate.

The first phase: the main skirt.

Side view. See all that extra cloth/ we'll get around to that.
Oh, and ignore the foot.

A quarter-back view.

Excess/train brought to front.


The second phase: the over-sized hem.

In sepia and B&W, because we want to be artsy for no particular purpose at all.

Sunlit skirt... and time for me to head for bed.

Kitteh for good measure. :)


  1. That's a really pretty skirt. I remembered animes and Japanese street fashion too.

  2. Thanks, jeg! It is a lolita skirt, after all. :)

  3. jonette! <3<3<3
    it's turning out beautifully, methinks :) someday soon i will wear it :) i can't wait!

    so when do we meet? :D

  4. @Clair awuuu, I think your striped skirt is now ronery in your closet because it has no petticoat. :'( Must finish the petticoat agad!

  5. hello, I was directed here by clair's blog ( I was looking for petticoats. Do you make them? How much? Or would you know where I can get RTW? I would need for a 1960's ala-Hairspray costume party. Many thanks!

    BTW, you have great works. I think the VM inspired shirt is great and has slimming effects. =)

  6. Hi JAE!

    Well, I do make them, and the price is... available upon request. ^_^" (read: let's talk about it in private.) As for the Ready-To-Wear pettis, well, that depends. Perhaps you can ask at certain bridal shops you know, or I think you can also order for one on some websites. How soon will your 60's party be? :)


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