Defying Gravity

Sunday, April 25, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

the {source} itself is a very good read. 

AJ and I have been getting our kicks out of Wicked lately. I've heard of the musical sometime in the past, but  haven't had the chance to listen to it.... until now. 

I currently have the songs on repeat, by order of appearance, and if the neighbors aren't sick and tired of hearing me belt out the songs in the kitchen, in the bath, in the bedroom, then ... I have very kind and long-suffering neighbors. Must get them something delicious sometime soon. I'm no Idinal Menzel, but gosh, I do wish I had her vocal power! 

And because you're already decided to click to read more, you're not escaping this playlist. Oh no.

Gods! What a voice!

Kristin Chenoweth -- aptly dubbed The Little Dynamite. When I was listening to the audio alone, I could see the animation sequence for the song in my head. Oh, and when I showed this video to James, he amusedly remarked this was the first time he'd seen a female Large Ham. XD Crazy, crazy woman.

Gads, Adam Lambert. I don't care if he's gay! When AJ showed me this video, it put, as Gala Darling says it, a "ping in my panties".

The video that started it all. Stu-penduous.

The last duet of the musical.

And the last videos -- not entirely related to Wicked, but just because Ms. Chenoweth is a crazy, crazy woman, and I love her for it. ;)

Do you like musicals? Do you have a favorite one?


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