Ureshii:14 -- Mmm, ice cream.

Sunday, April 25, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

... of which this post has absolutely nothing to do with, save for me having a mug of chocolate ice cream while writing it.

So here I am at home, with the cat going crazy with his teddy bear behind me.  (The teeny bear used to be mine, and then the cat decided to claim it for himself, so.) James has joined his colleagues for a weekend of sun and surf in Palawan on a  company-sponsored trip, and he is indeed one lucky puppy. I've always wanted to go to Palawan! Think of it -- the underground caves, the wildlife, the beautiful sea, the grandness of it all! Gosh -- now that I  think of it, I do believe the last time I've been on a beach was wen I was fourteen. Yeah, really. Well, one day, one day soon. :)

I also want to say I am very honored to have been once more given a spot in Gala Darling's weekly Carousel. Ohmyohmyohmyohmy.This calls for a curtsy. You can't see it, but I shall do it anyway because you've been such a wonderful audience. Merci beaucoup!

Now then.

I am right now trying to plan what to do for the next day, and my brain can do not much right now, save to hem and haw about it. Do I stay home and refresh my pattern-making skills, maybe try to make something good from what materials I have at home, or do I go romping in Divisoria for fresh supplies?

Divisoria is the thrift shopper's jungle here in Manila. If you know what you want, have your bargaining skills at the ready, and know a good deal when you smell it, then come one, come all! If you neither fear bustling crowds nor street-side stalls, and have enough sense to avoid attracting pickpockets, then  you're ready for Divisoria.  I procured my beautiful Susan (my dress form) from one of the malls in the area, and I make it a point to come back every now and them to particular shops for lovely, lovely prints and quirky notions for less.

Now then!

Here we have the day's spoils from  the Internet. Come, stay a while, and be tickled pink.

Go, go, Princess Rangers!

A great picture for the Love Language of Quality Time. 

and a, ahem, rather apt one for Touch. ^_^"

Mikhal and I agree. Romance aside, this concept would make for an excellent dystopian story. 

She's one of my private listening pleasures. I love how this live performance echoes the feel of the video.

 Alright, beautiful people! Your turn: what's making your weekend awesome?


  1. I love the anatomy of a hug *hugs*

    I hope there will be a chance for you and James to go to Palawan someday! It's an awesome and beautiful place to be :) I can't explain it but it's really great!

  2. Haha! Thanks Clair! *hugs back*

    I know right! I just have these wild ideas dancing around my head about Palawan.... kinda like what some kids might have of Disneyland. I so would love to go one day! :D


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