A Belated Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 10, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Here's to all the moms out there,

The traditional,
The accidentals,
the forward-thinkers,
the workers,
the stay-at-homes,
the independent,
the committed,
the long-suffering,
the protective,
the supportive,
and so many more.

If it were not for you,
we wouldn't be where we are
and who we are today;
we wouldn't realize what we wanted to be,
and we wouldn't make the best mistakes
we'd best learn from.

We learned the lessons we'd need to get through life,
became as strong,
as weak,
as fragile,
as creative, 
as determined,
as confident,
and as happy
and as loving as we were meant to be.

You weren't perfect.
You didn't know everything,
you and I both knew and know that,
but it was the best you could give us,
It was the best you could do,
and how you'd give it all to us,
and that means everything to us.

And we're learning new things everyday,
by the second,
and becoming better people for it.

Aren't you proud of us, Mom?
I bet you are,
and we'll make you even prouder.

So, once again, we say,
Thank you, mom,
for bringing us into this world,
and making us the champions
from a long line of winners.

You're a winner!


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