Go out and vote! Every bit helps.

Monday, May 10, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Hi, everyone. I'm writing this post from James' PC. Right now, I'm waiting for James, Ate Aimee, and Kuya Jessie to come back from the voting center. It's been an hour since they left, and I hope all is well. This most likely means I'll have to start taking a bath and prepping if I intend to leave early and vote in my own municipality. 

Every little bit helps. 

To the world: It's now the Philippines' turn to vote for our next president, senators, and local government. It's been a number of months since the TV, radio, and billboard ad campaigns popped like mushrooms all over the place. Polls of every sort have been running around Metro Manila, and range from online polls to Facebook Apps, to even Seven-Eleven Gulp cups. (By the way, I recommend this particular Facebook App survey. It's earned the spotlight on a number of news channels, and has been interesting food for thought for many Filipinos. Kudos to Kuya Jessie for creating it.) 

It's been a rather colorful, and... interesting candidacy period for the Philippines. Many have been disgruntled with the previous ruling, and most certainly want change. There are those who promise to uplift the poor, and there are those who swear to uphold a "legacy" that has been handed down to them. There are those who have been caught red-handed two terms ago who  want a second go at the Seat, and still have the capacity win votes on their side. There are those who may prove to be good for the country on an international scale, but is heard to not be too keen of a people person. There are also some who may do good for the country with their earnestness and intelligence, but may be held in suspicion because of his ties to the government. 

The mud-slinging does not help. Neither does the image-padding.

A number of my colleagues say the true fight is between candidates MV and NA; while others say it's between DG and GT.  

A number of my colleagues also worry that voting for who they really want may further divide the votes and make the election easy pickings for MV, and thus they'd rather vote for his biggest rival. Better to vouch for the lesser evil.

They do mean well. No doubt about that. 

If I may, I'd beg to differ. 

Go vote for who you believe is best. 

And VOTE, really vote. 

The mere idea that you decided to be there and be counted means a lot for the country. You have decided to take responsibility for yourself and for your fellowmen. You have decided to take responsibility for your actions. You have decided to step forward and say "I make this country to be what it is and will be, and I will stay by my decision." 

We, as a people, must also stay vigilant. Casting your vote may not be enough. If you do believe in the power of your vote and that it can change the future of your country, then it deserves to be watched, counted, and secured. 

There have been instances in the past when malice has show itself in the elections. Stolen ballots. Flying voters. Sabotage. We will not simply pray for a peaceful and ordered election hoping the other 'behaves himself", but rather, we will make this peace and vigilance our own responsibility. 

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Your candidate may take the presidential seat, or he or she may not. What matters is that you came forward, and had yourself counted.

I remember AJ, a good friend of mine telling me this: " If you decide to not vote, then don't complain about the government that results from the elections. You decided to not have a hand in it, and thus you have no right or say to it. " 

It is a sacred duty we carry out today, and we will be wise, we will be vigilant. 

You know what? The Philippines is still much of a Third World Country. There is not much to be said about our economy, our population is still a problem, and our government still has much in need of fixing. 

I love my country. Plain and simple. And that is why  I go out to vote today. 

What about you? Have you already voted?  


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