Resolutions I can Keep

Thursday, February 03, 2011 Jonette 6 Comments

Ginisang Baguio Beans with garlic longganisa, flanked by other ingredients for Beef Stew.
(Remind me not to put so much Soy Sauce next time. Ergh.)

Resolution 1: Make trips to the palengke a weekly or bimonthly habit. (Make it weekly, which leads to...)

Resolution 2: Include more greens, other veggies, and fruits in my diet.

Resolution 3: Get more creative with cooking. (And when I say get more creative, I mean using what I already have in the pantry or refrigerator and whipping up something tasty and healthy.)

Resolution 4: Save money.

See where this is going?

If you do, good for you, because I can't. What I just know is these are good things to do in themselves, and don't necessarily have to be a means to an end.

If the above four resolutions lead to others, then well and good. Eating fast food less? Well and good. Getting better kitchen mastery? sounds good to me. Eating healthier, and potentially losing weight? Cool; who wouldn't want that?

Right now, it seems my weekly menu staples are homemade daing na bangus, at least one crockpot dish, and a flavor-of-the-week custard. (last week was cheese, this week is hand-squeezed mango. Show those fruits no mercy!)

I downed an entire head of boiled broccolli with a couple pats of butter for dinner last night. Ye gods, half a pound of broccolli for P50. I guess you could say I practically stuffed myself with greenery, and ate the equivalent of a tiny shrub.  (Next time, I better curb my enthusiasm.) 

Right now, I'm aiming to make Resolution #2 my priority.  It's just a matter of elbow grease, resourcefulness, and imagination -- and a good eye for fresh produce, I think.


  1. yes, more greens to our diet. and if una is will to share her apple, more fruits for me too. i think i have to add another resolution in there for myself, sleeping early and getting up early. well, look at that i already failed. clock reads 345am while i was writing this.

    oh, in case you're wondering i have another blog, again. panay handmade stuff na talaga, no more paid post (yet) in the new blog. :D

  2. Aba! I see. I must say the new blog looks so fresh and clean! good for you. Mind if I connect to the new one instead? :)

  3. oo ba! ay teka, wala pa pala akong badge. i'll let you know kapag meron na. :D

  4. Hi Jonette! badge exchange na tayo, nandun na rin yung badge mo.

  5. *sigh* Oh to be creative in the kitchen. I can only dream.

  6. Kaya yan, Meream. I'd think your no-beef policy might even make for an interesting challenge to your kitchen creativity! You can do it! :)


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