Murder Presents.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 Jonette 0 Comments

Hi, everyone. I've a few blog posts I need to start writing, but I'm currently nursing a cold and am light-headed, so please do bear with me. I'm still knitting my frayed nerves back (just a bit more) after an evening of shock and morbid fascination.

I was about to doze off and try to ignore my giant cold when Mink clambered down from the roof and through the window. She oh-so-lovingly laid something beside me. my fingers found it -- furry, slightly bony, and stiff.

Ye gods, this cat.

(I'll just leave this here in case anyone wants to actually take a look at the murder present.)

I remembered back in college, James and I managed to rescue this baby dawn bat from being bullied by a handful of fire ants. (ouch! poor thing!) We took the bat to Parks and Wildlife in Quezon city in hopes of giving the bat a good home. A kid sat across us in the jeep and started this conversation in a sheepish voice:

Kid: What's that in your hand?
James: Oh, it's a baby bat we found, and were taking this little guy to someplace where they can take good care of him.
Kid: Cool! May I have the bat?
James: Well, what are you going to do with it?
Kid: I'll kill it and skin it and mount its skeleton for my science project. 

Suffice to say, the bat found a loving home in the reserve, and we in turn got an inexpensive and lovely date sauntering about the place.

Back to the murder present.

I sleepily and testily tossed the corpse into the communal trash bin and dragged myself up to bed. My morbid fascination made me think: should I have tossed the bat, or should I macerated it so I could mount the skeleton later? I might need Desmestes beetles to do a better job than I ever could, but where do I find them? Is it taxidermy if you only work with the skeleton? will Mink bring me more? What if....

The next morning, I checked the bin again, and found the bat gone.

A number of good friends have reassured me throughout the day that Mink means well, and the bat was her love offering.

Adrian: heh. she's really a good kitty!
and she really luvs you!
Jonette: I ... guess so
or she thinks "you're a pathetic hunter, master, here, eat this"
I guess an apology is in order, and extra cuddle time then
Adrian: on the contrary, she thinks you're awesome because you feed her regularly
the bat is her tithe to you.
Jonette: really now? hmmmm. I ... guess I should feel flattered then :)as soon as I re-knit my frayed nerves, which should be over by now
Adrian: you should :)Jonette: thanks for appreciating this :)Adrian: lucky you
Indeed, an apology, extra cuddle time, and perhaps a cheeseburger/ liver spread offering are in order. 


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