The Gray Skirt, Part II

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

After the pinning and the pressing came sewing down the hems. I was pretty excited to try out for myself how smooth and easy to use my Brother machine could be. Is it possible that my bramble-thread and knotty messes have just been a nightmare?

Yes, and yes again. I love you, Mr. Repairman.

Through it like butter. Oooh, yes.

I was quite happy sewing the edges down until I began feeling something bumpy along the finished lines. Yes, bumpy, and a little scratchy. Since the tension control wheel had been glued tight shut, it would have to mean adjustments were to be made to the bobbin case's tightness. So I did, teeny cute Brother screw in hand. Here's the Before and After shot:

Before: Lower hem. see the jagged, bumpy texture?
After: Upper hem. Taut, smooth Hemmer's Delight.

Quarter of an hour later( A quarter! A quarter! Not a half hour, nor a whole one! A quarter!), Both panels were finally and quite properly hemmed. I realized in this part of the exercise how vital a very well-executed and meticulous fabric prep can be. The alertness, precision, diligence, and patience certainly made everything else so much easier, and pays off in a big way.

Here we are with two handsome hemmed skirt fabric panels. A lot of fabric.


What now?

Next: Style.


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