whatever happened to Jonette?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Jonette 4 Comments

There'd been so many things happening in my life right now, I think I'd forgotten how to write about them. Hah!

What's been happening, so far:

1) I've just delivered my first commission job. Mik, dear officemate of mine, gave me her two pairs of jeans, one to hem, and another to reconstruct into a skirt. Hemming denim is simple enough. Working with stretchy rayon-cotton fabrics, however, was an entirely different matter.

To my knowledge, you stick to cotton when you're a beginner, and when you're better, you then can start working on stretchy or silky fabrics -- like, well, silk, satin, brocade, jersey, you name it. And you'd need an edger for stretchy stuff, to make sure the hems don't fray. (What does an edger stitch look like? check the underside of your t-shirt. You see that loopy, complicated-looking stitching on the hem? That's edger work.)

Well, I was given a job, and she trusted me to do something about her garments, with the tools I had at the moment. Only one way to find out if I'm screwed for good.

A couple of weeks after, I managed to finish both jobs, and had Mik fit them, see if they needed adjustments, and al the time I was thinking, "oh god, what if what if what if..."

And she said they were good.

She told me after what was important to her was that she could use them once more, and as long as she's happy, that's all that matters to me.

2) I'd like to buy a new sewing machine, please. If I'm really to start getting serious about sewing, and really start taking commissions, I'd want a sewing machine that is efficient, durable, and has all the features I need. If it comes with a set of useful feet, the better. I love my present sewing machine and it has indeed served me faithfully, but sometimes its quirks have me wasting more time instead of getting the job done sooner. (sigh) the sad thing is, the nearest (and only) sewing machine repair shop in our vicinity has closed shop. I blame the recession for this, and I can't help but feel bad for the shop owner. He's such a sweet old gent.

On the other hand, the machine has become my own Little Engine That Could. I mean, think of it: It's been abandoned, tossed around, its tension control glued shut and immobile and useless, its machinery coming apart, and still it sews for me.

yes, there's more.

I still have quite a list of commissions and promises to fulfill -- an experimental blouse, peasant skirts, poofy lolita skirts, and dresses -- and I do feel amazed and elated and plain bowled over by all this. So many things to make, and so little time! I am much, much thankful I still have a day job to support this drive of mine to create. (Tip: as an artist, it pays to keep your day job, really. The Recession needs your art to keep minds moving and growing, but it also needs you to stay ALIVE. and HEALTHY.)

What does James have to say about all this? He's been very supportive in his own way, and does his best to reel me in (and hold me back) when I run the risk of wearing myself thin with work as I'm wont to do. The man does his best to keep me happy and sane, and I love him for that.

3) Work? Oh right, work. The lessons have been steadily piling up, and I think I've settled in quite nicely. Surprise, surprise, teaching's a little bit of theater, after all. Let this pale, anemic, rubenesque girl thrill you with word physics and algorithms, and a little bit of vocabulary art. I am your glottal showgirl, 30 minutes private show.

Harder Better Faster Stronger - Unknown


  1. Aww Mik is so cute! Hehe. Nice work, Jonette!

  2. Thanks, Karla! Your remark's much appreciated. :)

  3. nice work! :) go you! i really can't wait to hear more from you especially when you start officially taking some commissions :D

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much for your support, Clair! You'll be the first to hear from me, specially with a little plan in the works. ~~<3


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