This day has been mad-productive and mad-amazing.

Monday, April 13, 2009 Jonette 0 Comments

(or alternately entitled WahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaHA! Try sustaining that.)

Officemate and sewing gal pal Mary and I took a trip to the Pier area and Divisoria today to have an adventure, and indeed, much adventure, energy, and laughs were there to be had. I'm finally home, bathed, dressed, and settled down. I'd really love to write about our exploits, but my body has been slipping in, ehem, subtle clues that it wants Me time. (try going out like a light at half-hour intervals for subtlety. Ha!)

I do promise all you lovely people a good story in time, but let me leave you with something to keep you in suspended animation:

Ta-ta for now. :)


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