Rain is love

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

This morning was a welcome surprise, and a most welcome break from the sultry, humid heat of an Asian summer. It's a very rainy day today, and I honestly love it.

On the way to work, I spotted a Piaggio scooter -- made into a mini-pick-up truck. ^__^* It was pretty amazing, really. I think the compartment at the back could have held three to four giant tuna fish, or two very woolly sheep comfortably. I was laughing and smiling to myself on the jeep, and the other passengers wondered what the hell was so special about the Piaggio. Oh well.

I've lately been plodding on with my pattern for my corset entry to the corset-making contest at work. I've so far created a front bodice pattern, and a back bodice pattern, the basic kind you learn when you start dressmaking. Er, I really won't use the front bodice pattern ( que horor!), but I did need a certain measurement on it to create the back bodice pattern's seam line. (that'd be the edge that goes down your sides inside your clothes.) the back bodice, I will need -- that, plus an underbust corset pattern (which I plan to draft tonight), and some carefully-places shoulder-straps.

I'm also happy that I've finally found a pattern for Clair's commission scarf. Ack! I know, I know... it's been a terribly long time, but I've finally found something I hope she will love. Work is in progress...

Thanks to Mikhal, a good college buddy of mine, I was introduced to this knitting pattern from WikiHow. I know it doesn't look very checkered-y, but I still am very happy with how it's turning out. :)

I most certainly intend to make a dress similar to this one on Miss Sarai of Sweet Sassafras. It looks so delightful and cheery! I'd like to try making it with my blue knotty cotton, though. I hope I can make it in time for summer. Still, corset and commissions come first. ;)

James and I have never been better, and I am so thankful and I love my life right now. it's a quiet thrill deep down inside me when I see our plans are slowly growing piece by tiny piece. something big and grand is waiting to happen, and can't wait for all that beauty to explode!

I wish you, dear reader, beauty and love in your life too. Tell me what makes Life beautiful for you today.


  1. I love love love the scarf already! Feels like the texture would be made of win! <3

    The blue eyelet cloth is so pretty. May I ask the price of such beautiful cloth? When I asked in Glorietta, they sold theirs for 450 per yard :(

  2. Hi, clair! I'm so happy you love the scarf! I'll do my best to work double-time and hand this baby over sooner to you. <3

    As for the blue eyelet cloth, I recall finding it by accident inside the Tabora cloth shops in Divisoria. She cost me P150 per yard, and at 60' width, it was worth it, I think. :)


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