Snap-Happy: Print Mania!

Saturday, April 18, 2009 Jonette 6 Comments

Hi, everyone. Remember when I said I'd write about the second half of our adventures in Aduana and Quiapo? Well, here we are.

After an hour spent in the corridors of Tabora browsing through cloth swatches, shopping for sewing notions, and finding our way back out to sunlight and fresh air, Mary and I decided we'd had enough of the fecund grunge and grit of Quiapo. High time for a retreat to sterile civilization -- a sink to wash up in, a sit-down meal, and air-conditioning in Tutuban Central Mall. (Oh, those were the days when we feared neither smoke nor dust nor unwashed men... XD)

Fed, watered, and gussied up, we began exploring the stalls around for gifts to bring home to our significant others. We got delightfully sidetracked, however, by a textile store on the second floor.

I do have the feeling I'll be back. Quite often.

I do declare, I sincerely do have a weakness for this one.

les cerices!


  1. I swear, that cherry print and that window print plus the regimental stripes look-alike are all gorgeous! The cherry print makes me want to have frill skirt, the window print makes me wants it as a skirt with an apron (haha!) and the regimental stripes make me want to have a jumperskirt again!

  2. @Jennifer: isn't it a beauty? That's the thing I love about fabric stores.. They're all so alive with color and possibilities!

    @clair: I know! They're all definitely to fall for. ^__^*

  3. I wish I could go with you! When are you planning to go back there? :D

  4. @clair: hmmm. It would be great if we could go together on either May 1, or May 8 so we can go shopping for your cloth, if you're free on those days. What do you think?

  5. These fabrics are really cute! Even cuter than the ones I find in the malls. I really need to go back to Tutuban, if this cuteness will welcome me, I don't mind the traffic and grime that comes with shopping in Divisoria. I can't believe I missed this!


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