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Henceforth, as Jo, good friend and cathartic chat-drinking buddy, is my witness, the universe doth pusheth me forward, and doth kicketh me down the plank.

Lack of sleep does wonder for your awareness.

On Making the Move:

An eternal bond (or longstanding, in these godless days). The Lovers get their power and enrichment from each other. And this particular union will prove to be very significant. The flower I picked circa 1976 and pressed in a book when I was a wee little Marquis indeed. It represents a stretched expanse of time.

If courting, this card gives you the go-ahead — hell, it’s shoving you down the gangplank. If currently enjoying the favours of a loved one, this card reminds you that it is from this significant other where you receive your power, happiness and contentment. If you’re having a rocky time with this person, the card is asking you to remember just why you got into this in the first place. It is not necessary to end anything now.

I have also done readings where this card showed up and the Querant had no applicable love-interests. In such cases, the card represents the durability of established people or things. A quick jog down memory lane might do you a world of good. Or just go to a second hand store and buy some old clothes.

On Work:

13 – DEATH
Death is change. That’s all. No, really. Don’t fear the Death card (as Blue Oyster Cult says). It’s necessary to life. “Pavement Ends,” but a new road takes its place. The fuzzy little square on the left is supposed to be a key change. The song goes in another direction.

The only unpleasant thing about Death is that it happens so suddenly. This card prophesies a very drastic change in a very short interval, and you will have little control over it. This may be uncomfortable for you, but perhaps if you’re prepared for this change, you can make an easier transition. And you will have to make a transition.

Déjà Deck Fun Fact: This image comes from facial studies by Davinci. I thought it depicted the countenance one would assume during dramatic and irrevocable change, but what I didn’t notice till later was that the ‘13’ in the corner was already there when I pilfered the image. Looking at the rest of the page this came from, I saw no other numbers, nor on any other of his sketches. Makes ya think, duznit!

On Crafting:

Advancement, graduation, “The Next Plateau.” A man climbs the ladders of his chosen path.

Despite the stodgy Perry Ellis-wearin’ humdrum clipart dude in the image, this card is a damn good one to get. It means, mon ami, that you’re goin’ somewhere. That you’re on the up n’ up. Whether that pertains to your career, your love/sex/food life, or your unrequited dreams I leave to you.

The best thing about this card is that it tells you that you can physically map your progress. If you haven’t done so already, it suggests you do so. Where were you a year ago in respect to this climb? Two years ago? And do you think you can guesstimate where you will be next year?

The climb never gets easier, per se, but there is a pattern to it (thus the repeatable, identical plateaux in the image). Diligence and focus are called to your attention here. You will, as always, need them.

All pictures and their descriptions courtesy of The Deja Deck.


  1. *hugs, thanks, girl. I guess Life thinks I need a short delay, or may taym pers.


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