Epic Projects Post!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

After the long blogging hiatus, I am finally back. It's been project after project for me, and I think it's high time I rack up an accountability check. Details to follow.

In passing, these are the items I've made:

Lulu, or the reproduction of the VM Victorian Regimental Stripe Skirt.

Clair's Cotton Candy Cumulus Scarf.

Anton's arm warmer.

Melon, formerly Melba, shown here with her new mommy Rayzy.

Another octopussy, Monstro-sized, with his/her new mommy Anna. the critter is still to be named.

And Squirt, a brooch. Squirt was supposed to be Anna's main squeeze octopus, but he ran out of yarn and the shop didn't have more of his color. (aaw.) I sewed a nice brooch pin behind him, and voila! Squirt is now also Anna's to wear.

Current Works-In-Progress:

A doily to be worn as a pendant, another commission from Rayzy. This piece still needs another layer to it, as well a good soak in gawgaw (or starch) to stiffen it up.

Lastly, an octo-panda for April. The octo-panda is the lovechild of Squidy and her stuffed giant panda. How did that happen? I have no idea. Tentacles are still to follow. I think they'll be giant, stuffed tentacles.

a pleather Batman cape for Ryan, my figure customizer buddy. He lent me Orion and another batman figure for me to fit the finished cape on. the cape you're seeing is still a prototype.

Ok then. Let me catch my breath.

I still have to finish the second skirt Clair commissioned me, as well as a tightening of the Monster petticoat (oh dearie, dearie me). Then there's Jib's knitted beanie hat, and a possible order for a full dress (!) lingering just beyond the horizon. Officemates and friends all, I'd dare say it's been a full productive season, thanks to them.

Easy does it, easy does it, one at a time.


  1. An epic post indeed! Lots of knitting projects too <3 I am so proud of you, Jonette! To think that last year we were just talking about wishing to wear lolita fashion and stuff. And last year, your skirts were very simple compared to the one you made me and about to make for me. These are exciting times for you and I hope you will always have a smile on your face despite your busy schedule.

    I want a panda too! But not an octopanda. A panda face beanie maybe? Or a panda brooch. Or mini panda brooches that I could pin anywhere!

  2. One day, I'd love to take you on with your panda goodies. :) ♥


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