Ganbatte, Nippon!

Monday, March 21, 2011 Jonette 0 Comments

Dear Japan, 

It's been a couple of weeks since you were first hit by the earthquake and tsunami. We saw the pictures, heard it and watched it on the news, kept abreast of it on live translated newsfeeds. We gasped in horror and cried in pure sadness for you, and prayed and hoped, hoped, hoped everyone within your shores would be fine. 

And to our surprise and utter amazement, they were. We saw your kids calm and collected, and making sure everyone else was alright -- both for people and animals. High school kids and fashion deviants helped in their own way; truly, there is generosity and a sincere desire to help even in places where you least expect it. Artists have lent their craft to help refugees stay cheerful throughout the calamity. Shops and offices constantly shouted "Please help yourself to our bread; it's free! Please use our toilets, sit in our lounges! Rest a while, we're all in this together." 

And so we are. 

A few days ago, a fifteen-second earthquake shook my office building, and I thought of you, Nippon. I believe we here in the Philippines could learn a thing or two from you on peace in the face of panic. After the disaster, time to get on with life. 

It's been a few weeks since the earthquake, since the tsunami, and now, kamusta na? Dou deska, Daijoubu? I'm sincerely hoping you and your kids are alright. I do know for a fact that as long as you keep on keeping on and everyone looks out for each other, you'll be fine. Ganbatte! 

I just hope we can measure up to that too someday. 


Japanese TV Anchors -- this is true professionalism. 

Dog Won't Abandon Injured Friend -- there is precious lesson to be learned here. 

A simplified version of the situation in Fukushima. It pays to know who the real heroes in this situation are.  


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