The weeks that were. (Part 1)

Monday, March 21, 2011 Jonette 0 Comments

Hi, everyone. I've been away from the blog living life and getting lots of action and fresh air. It's been great, really. 

In a nutshell, I've been doing my best to keep being mindful and inventive of what I cook and what lunches I pack. I've been making more home-made versions of store-bought snacks and desserts. I've been playing Facebook games a lot less (and if you see any activity on my end, that would most likely be James.) 

I've been budgeting, planning and mapping my goals for the year, getting the house in order bit by bit, giving work its due, with a number of shenanigans and surprises on the side. 

Meet Mama Grizzle. Mama Grizzle is a queen who decided to give birth under my computer window. I found her nursing her kittens on a Thursday afternoon just as I was heading off to work. Dino, a plurk buddy, said she's one protective-looking mama. I do agree -- she certainly didn't survive the streets and carry her babies to term for nothing.

She was wary of James and I at first, but later on agreed to take a bowl of kibble we offered her. We figured that as a mom, she can only get so much nutrition from scavenging through trash bins, and her kittens will certainly need all the nutrients and anti-bodies in her milk if they are to survive. Way later on, she started letting us pat her on the head. She was amenable enough to let me lift one of them and follow her baby with her gaze.

Here she is a week and a half later. She's been eating her kibble well, thus James said the fur on her face was regrowing. Can you spot her three babies?

Here's two of them. 

Alas, two weeks after, Mama Grizzle decided it was time to move on with her kittens in the dead of night. Next morning, I was surprised to find she was gone, but I suppose it was all for the best. From time to time, we still hear the mewl of her babies although we can't find them. She also visits us on occasion, and when she cares to stay long enough, we set a bowl of kibble out for her. We hope she and her family are okay and are being treated well by whoever's nest she chose to nest under.

 More to come. stay tuned for Part 2. ^_^*


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