Webbie Spotlight: The Paper Basket and Poptastic

Friday, November 28, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

Hark, hark! For the girly girls, the blushing brides, and those simply looking for a different flavor of shirt humor, these may be the sites for you.

The Paper Basket and Poptastic are sister sites run by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre, freelance graphic designer, fun online buddy and modern-day working-girl hero. (This lady. Is. Awesome. If there was such a thing as a hundred-flavored jungle fruit juice, I'd name it after her. And it'd come in a huge one-liter doy pack, and it'd have its own oversized sippy straw. And you'd burp rainbows. Yep, she's that awesome.)

As The Paper Basket suggests, the discerning and tasteful bride or wedding planner will find "Bride t-shirts, wedding party apparel, and pretty-patterned note cards & gifts that show you care." are you the Bride- or Groom-to-Be? Part of the Bridal Party? Engaged? Going on a Honeymoon? These are perfect when you can hardly contain the happiness bubbling up inside. (Bubbly not included.) The Paper Basket is also perfect for the girly girls out there, whether they be single or happily taken.

Poptastic has a little something for TV, Movie, 80s or Retro buffs, or the sci-fi overlords. It also offers shirts for "Words of Wisdumb" lovers ("You can never can tell!") , the incurable sweet toothies, and the indomitable class clowns in this school called Life. It also has a choc-ful of pop-art gifts, featuring the illustrations of Writer, artist, and my forever High School Hero, Arnold Arre.

So what are you waiting for? C'mon, Let's Join Us! XD

I now leave you with this ditty, courtesy of Cynthia, Inside.


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