Alan Watts: Work as Play

Saturday, November 29, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

" [Joey] Valenciano shares Aves' view. Pinoy jazz is "whoever and whatever you are," he says, an entity that "no amount of iconography," such as the tattoos on his arms that interviewer Ron Nethercutt points to, can ever define.

I love my dad. I really do. He tells me that even though I've grown up away from him for such a long time, he's amazed at how much similarities we have, and how much influence he has with how my mind's grown over the years. (Which means if ever *knock on wood* I get screwy in the head, that's gonna be just me.)

I'm glad to say I'm (mostly) right in the head today because he shared with me his mp3 collection of the lectures of Alan Watts. He's something my father likes to call an "entertainer philosopher". His way of guiding his listeners through a "digestible" form of Eastern Philosophy is a breath of fresh air for me. Truth be told, I'd probably be a sorry wreck by now if I hadn't heard of him.

Before watching watching one of his lectures, listen in here for his caveat. (See? The guy's clean. He won't sell you anything.)

Ready? Let's begin.

Work as Play, Part I:

Work as Play, Part II:

Work as Play, Part II:

Here's a short collection of animated shorts Trey Parker and Matt Stone made for Alan Watts' lectures.

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