Webbie Spotlight: Geeky Cakes

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

This, my friends, is not a cake.

This is one of the most awesome, jaw-dropping sources of geekery sustenance I've seen thus far. Here's the rest of the story.

As for the Terry Prachett fans, our Discworld creator will not be outdone.

This Great A'Tuin cake was made by one mom for her daughter's wedding day. That, my friends, is love for you.

Take a look at the creative process of the A'Tuin cake here.


  1. hey jonette! i found you thru anya's facebook. wee! this looks great! looking forward to your other entries :) --karla

  2. thank you Karla! It's a pleasure to have you stop by. Come over anytime you like! :)


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