Ureshii: 7

Thursday, January 08, 2009 Jonette 0 Comments

photograph courtesy of betie bet.

嬉しい (ureshii):

To be glad, happy, delighted, joyful, overjoyed, cheerful, pleased, contented, grateful, elated, jubilant, exultant, ecstatic, euphoric, enraptured thrilled (to bits), over the moon... you get the picture. ;)

Aaaand, I got caught.

There's nothing quite like being fabulous for five minutes with dazzling Gala Darling, even if it's just on Facebook. Such a dork I are. :B

Reading one fo her posts, I kiiiiinda started writing in her TiLT comments, and later realized I'd just composed a good portion of my Ureshii for the week. Ehe.

So, here we are with the first Ureshii list for the year! Yay!

1) Christening the new PS2. Whee! My first PS2! Well, I know it's waywaywaaaaay behind, but I'm still glad to finally get the chance to purchase one of my own. Nothing like buying something with your Chrsitmas money. It's also a big Christmas present for my housemate. She's been so supportive (and tolerant of messy, scatterbrained me), she's so much like a big sis to me. Right now, I love playing Warriors Orochi 2 and Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80's. Oh and The Dog Island for the cutieful factor.

2) Light, light work days. And pleasant students.

3) Blowing kisses at bathroom mirrors. If you're extra sneaky, whip out your best lip color, apply generously, and go give your reflection that ever-lovin' smooch it so deserves! C'mon. I triple-dog-dare yah. ;)

4) Hope for cameras. Remember that lovely Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim in my keeping? I was going snap-happy at my dad's house when the wind-up wheel suddenly refused to turn, then snapped, and the sinking feeling slowly set in when the wheel continued on and on and on. Horrors! Luckily, I StumbledUpon this handy tutorial on how to repair the wind-up. Rest easy Jonette, it happens to Vivtar UW&S users one time or another. Huzzah!

Now, if you're a klutz like I am, and tend to prematurely wind up film afore it's even used up (Egads!), these film extraction and retrieval tips may prove useful.

For those who want to try their hand at making pinhole cameras, this Dirkon Camera should make papercraft and photography afficionados start cracking their fingers. Want something more functional and hardcore? Then the Matchbox Camera Tutorial is just the thing for you.

and since we're still on the subject... Holga customs! sweet!

5) Work buddy Raymund Suba sent me this awesome collection of Steampunk photos. My favorites would have to be the guy in the first picture, and the Indian lady in a sari. Exquisite, no? For those of a more gothic persuasion, try this Victorian Picnic on for size. It's nice to see goths, steamheads, and the occasional rococo lovers gather 'round for tea and crumpets 'neath a sunny sky.

Oh, and one more for the gothy knitter. Behead her again and again. What a darling! XD

6) Awesome aunts and uncles who keep in touch with you and send you the raddest stuff. Never mind the stuff! It's the love and postcards and huggles that multiply their awesomeness. And I mean that exponentially, y'all.

Photograph courtesy of Kat Sterck.

7) I'd love to spend an afternoon running, sliding, and screaming myself silly in this playground by Tom Otterness. I mean, c'mon! It's a giant robot! How cool is that? :D

Aaaaalrighty then. What's your giant robot this week? ;)


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