Back to the Corset: 3

Thursday, January 29, 2009 Jonette 0 Comments

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I finally figured out how to attach my boning foot onto the sewing machine! To add to that, I have now sewn on my first bone onto the corset! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! :D

Spatial intelligence (and little there is of it) and Akita machine oil to the rescue. :P

I admit I'm beginning to find working with the inner workings of a machine to be quite fascinating. It's discovering what part makes what part go, what ratchet goes on what gear and which gear goes where, what happens when you push this lever, and so on.

Thr trickiest part is working with springs. The last time I attempted to repair my Vivitar UW&S Camera (Remember that one?) was a fright of springs and very tiny parts. alas, by the time I was on my way to putting the final pieces together, the Gods of engineering deemed it was not meant to be, and promptly made me lose the tiniest spring meant to work the camera lens cover.

Valuable lesson learnt that day, as well as a free anatomy lesson of a point-and-click camera.

Springs are very, very tricky. Hence, when I face one in a machine, I feel like I'm disengaging a time bomb, deciding which color wire to snip.

I'm beginning to be fond of the scent of machine oil on my fingertips.

Time to pack up, though. A bath and a trip to the office are in order.


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