The First Scarf Commission Commencement

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

The first scarf is finally all done! Yay!

She now is at five feet and a few inches long. I've already casted her off, and will proceed to soak her in some gentle color-protecting liquid detergent. If I may say so, she looks quite purdy by herself.

Here she is hung out, with the dress-form Susan (or whatever her name is at the moment):


  1. it is so awesome! it's cold at the office so i'd love to meet with you soon so i could get this lovely scarf already ♥

    pics of the skirt and petti please? ;)

  2. Aaw, thanks! Clair! You've already seen the petticoat. I'm already starting work on the striped skirt. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)


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