Happy Birthday, The Hobby Horse!

Monday, June 01, 2009 Jonette 0 Comments

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Wow, one year, huh? Time flies so quickly by when you're living the life and making a lot of happiness.

To be honest, I'd barely noticed my baby had turned a year old. Thank you for the greetings and the reminder from across the miles, Teena! (Head over to her site. She's a happy, smart lady who loves adventure and is not afraid to take pictures of things and people that make her happy. the world needs more photographers like that, in my opinion. ^___^*) I think I can pretty much say it's been a year of starts, discoveries, and experiments. I've had my share of good results, as well as a --ehem-- good measure of accidents, happy and otherwise. I'm thankful for each learning experience and new challenge, and I do believe I can say it's made me become a more imaginative, resourceful, and creative person. And yes, quite frankly, I'm hungry for more!

I want to say a great, big, awesome Thank You to the many people, family and friends who have been and continue to be fonts of love, support, and inspiration. You guys make life the best adventure there is, and make the ride all the more enjoyable for it.

So, I says to you, rock on! You make life fabulous. Here's to more crafting, more cooking, more laughter and happiness on The Hobby Horse! Kampai!


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