Pundar 3: Home Improvement

Saturday, November 07, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

At last! Heave-ho to fixing the apartment! A fresh roof above our heads and a happy loo may seem like slow starts, but they are indeed starts in themselves.

First off, we now revel in having a whole, repainted, and fortified roof above our heads. Yes, I do say revel in with with all the vim and vigor and lust in the phrase, and believe me, if you've toughed out sleeping on a cold, wet bed from a leaky ceiling from god-knows-what-happened to the roof, you'd use the word too. I cannot help myself from gushing over how Mang Julio and his men did such a bang-up job. It cost us quite a pretty penny though -- the P12k my folks from the US sent over went entirely to this project, but ye gods, it's finally done!

Secondly, we had the sliding front door's lock replaced with a stout, staunch dead bolt lock. (And in good time it was -- it didn't help that the old lock kept unlocking itself when I was alone on the first floor. The howling wind of last Friday's galestorm -- exactly on October 31st -- did not help matters or my nerves.) The argent lock now sits on the door like some grim gatekeeper set to question all those who would dare pass its portal -- even me. For short, the lock often refuses to open after a few twists, until one final pleading fiddle sets it aright. Now I'm set to wonder whether it's got itself confused for a rotating combination vault lock instead. Hmm...

Thridly, bathroom cosmetics. I'll let the video do the talking.

Call it Sulfur, Jejune, or Sour Yellow. I call it UltraHyperRadioactiveCanaryLemon and I love it!

Seeing to the bathroom sink's pipes, the toilet's flusher and the bidet will come next, but all in good time (and resource-pooling).

I must say, I'm beginning to rather quite enjoy getting the house back in order. There's a certain sense of achievement to it, and a feeling of making the living space irrevocably yours, piece by piece. This is my living space and my domain, and by ensuring everything is in good form and harmony, I make it so.

To adapt a phrase from Mel Brooks, it's good to be the queen.


  1. Oh yes, he knows very well how good it is to be king and I am glad you could feel that too! After Ondoy, I am glad you're able to get some repairs done! I could only imagine the hassle that the storm brought into your life but I think it helped you appreciate some things a whole lot more too.

    Such a bright yellow! Wouldn't that be sooo cheerful on a bleak night? Wala lang. I am ok with yellow on a clear day but in the evenings and I am groggy, wouldn't it be too happy and cheerful? Just curious XD

  2. Haha! yeah, Clair, I was thinking about that too, but well, think of it this way -- just in case my day goes completely awry, there'll be at least one refreshing, happy place I can retreat to. :)


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