The Cumulus Scarf: Pre-Ondoy Post

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Jonette 5 Comments

... Or the Cotton Candy Cumulus Scarf, as renamed by Clair.

Here's the second scarf Clair commissioned me to make for her. I understand that one of the scarves is now keeping a good friend of hers quite warm in the US. Glad to hear that -- it's always nice to know that the things you create make not not just one person, but two people, happy. :)


  1. Thanks dear <3 Yes, it's keeping my friend warm in the US right now. Grabe she said it was quite cold in Chicago so all the warm clothes we sent with her are being used well. Buti na lang nga I commissioned you this scarf because it's really cute and awesome! *cheers*

    And one day I hope you could teach me to knit! ;)

  2. I am in love with that mirror. Any chance I can buy it from you? :D

  3. @Clair: sure thing! will be glad to teach you to knit. Once you get the two basic stitches down pat, you're good to go with almost any project :)

    @Bored & Crafty: Thank you for the compliment! I'm sorry, but the mirror has sentimental value. I couldn't quite part with this too soon. (However if there was a way to clone this so I can send you one more, I certainly would! ^_^*)

  4. i love the mirror in the background pala.

  5. Thanks! You and Meream have great taste. ^_^" My mom was right to buy this mirror. I just wish I could find more rococo mirrors like this!


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