Pundar 4: Loo pipes and laundry roof, done!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

Hi everyone! I'll just make this a quick one. I am very. very happy with how quickly the house is coming to form, and quite amazed at it all, really.

These made my day:

Behold the loo valve. It drips no more. We can now flush in peace, and not worry about the water bill. Huzzah!

And the bathroom sink's water trap. It drips no more! Huzzah!

And the laundry area roof. See that nice, new sheet of corrugated galvanized iron? An ugly, brittle plastic roof used to occupy that space, and now, the washing machine need not fear drippy water damage. Huzzah! (There is still the question of the soft, flaky wooden roof next to it, though. Best we work on that too, and soon.)

A wooden kitchen counter extension fit for a gas range and then some! If you'll look closely, there a small hole in the middle on the edge sticking to the wall. Kudos to Mang Julio for thinking about the gas pipe. And look at all that space down below! Huzzah!

The man responsible for it all -- Mang Julio! (or his back, at least.) Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

We've also enjoyed buying a few appliances to make the bareness more forgiving, like this bright and shiny microwave (heated homecooked meals! popcorn! er... and sponge disinfecting!),

and this beautiful DVD player. The first one, after having served us faithfully -- with the habitual coughing and wheezing that is to be expected of China-made items -- had at last decided to give up the Great Machine Spirit within it. What fascinates me the most is the additional USB port in front.It is allegedly meant to play video files from any USB drive you plug into it. Hmmm! This will be a worthy experiment indeed.

Looking at the player now, it makes me think of a Manta Ray. Or a Great black whale shark.

The next project in line will be this. Mang Julio had taken the dimensions of the cupboard last I saw him, and I bet he's working on the base and the shelves right now, sawing, gluing pieces together, hammering away atop his own home. He said it was a cheap trick the first builders had done, scrimping on materials and using plywood boards that thin. Why, you can practically see it peeling apart like the pages of a water-damaged book.

When that's done, he'll haul it onto a vehicle, ship it to our house, and install it.

The man. is amazing. We want to buy him shoes. Or anything he and his family needs, for that matter.


  1. Lots of well-deserved Huzzah in this post. Huzzah to Mang Julio. It's always nice to know a reliable handyman. I have yet to find one. :-/

  2. Thanks, Meream! Indeed, he's quite a find. after hearing about his performance from me, my co-workers joked "Wow, Jonette... are you sure that carpenter of yours isn't Jesus?" :D


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