Pundar 5: The Kitchen Cupboard

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

and the kitchen said "... aaaaaaaah."

Last saturday held a lot of pleasant surprises for me.

 At about 3:15 in the morning, I was ruefully finishing up the last of a day's worth of work when my phone rang. James was on the other end of the line, and was wondering just where was I at this time of night? Since it was Black Saturday (the day after Thanksgiving) in the US, they were let off on a half-day basis, and he decided to come home to me.

And here he was, house- and cat-sitting, waiting for me to come home. Isn't he wonderful?

Later that day, we woke to sunlight streaming through our window and Mang Julio carting in the newly made cabinet!  They immediately set to work.

Mang Julio and Junior taking off the supports. Yep, that's Weird Al blaring from James' DS.

Horray! And one rather astonished wee lizard.


Right now, the cabinet's been sanded, primed, and painted as I write. (well, not really, since Mang Julio's asleep at this time of night, but you get it.) The whole job costs a pretty penny, but I do believe it's all worth it. :) Now we just have to wait for the paint to dry, then try to figure What stuff goes where now. eliminate the expired foodstuff, and after that, edit, edit edit.


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