Metro ComiCon! Part I (8-22-10)

Saturday, September 18, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Aaaaugh! Hi guys. I know, I know, I'd been promising forever to get back to you with pictures and stories, and here I finally am. (I'm still here!) Lots of things happened on lots on things, but yours truly is back and in one big happy piece.

Now! On with the show!

My mind goes back to my memories of the Metro ComiCon, and my heart just goes BOOM. So many wonderful wares, wonderful art, wonderful stories, wonderful people. Just makes my heart melt.

Here we have Kevin Justin Ang, creator of the series Zombies in Manila. (that's his little sister up there. she was wearing a headband with a thought bubble that said Get your zombie caricature! Isn't she adorable?) Head over to the comic's Facebook Page. You can also check out the artist's page at

Meet Lico Reloj. Lico writes awesome comics and gives Tarot readings, and is friends with another online friend of mine, Ron Cordova. Awesomeness calls to awesomeness. You can visit him at Also, be sure to check out his web-comic, The Fifty-peso Ninja. 

A closeup of the cheeky signs at Lico's table. Pick one, any one; they all just crack me up! 

More Comic book artists! the two gents on the left worked on Magiting and Ambush (Ado and Andrew).

Hazel, the lady on the right made Callwork, and comic strip about call center life. To my knowledge, "Ambush" and "Callwork" come out as regular comic strips in newspapers. Callwork and Ambush come out in The Manila Bulletin, so just keep reading!

James bought a couple of Callwork volumes, because he knew they'd make his workmates laugh as much as they did him. Hazel so graciously signed them for James, and even drew a quick caricature of him!

Ang Astiging Boy Ipis... Aah! Innuendoes galore! This be one crazy read, folks.

There was a phenomenal display of statues.

Here we have the fine people from Electromagnetic Tentacle! To get a good look at their wacky shirts, you can visit their blog, or stick around to see a couple of shirts I bought from them. :)



Part 2's coming up next! 


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