Metro ComiCon! Part II (8-22-10)

Monday, September 20, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

We left the hall to have yummy lunch at Karate Kid. (Bottomless punch and takoyaki. Mmm.) As we went back to the event hall, James and I were discussing how cool it would be if we got to see cosplayers do our favorite-albeit-slightly-obscure anime. Well, like Fairy Tail.

One look at this group and I went, "hey, that's familia--- ohmygod."

Our wish came true! Holy smokes! Talk about serendipity. :D

Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. For the entire monologue, head here. It's another great monologue to memorize and perform, right next to Hamlet's timeless one, in my humble opinion. :)

I'm willing to bet these pieces were done while waiting for the hall to fill up. Wow.

Oh gosh, Budjette Tan! It was so great to see him again after such a long time! 

Budjette Tan is the writer and co-creator of the comic book series Trese. Kajo Baldisimo brings his words to life in striking black-and-white. This is one team to be reckoned with. Budjette was there to promote his two preview books, Trese: Cadena De Amor and Songs of the Lewenri.  To find out more, visit the blog over here! 

It was wonderful finally getting to meet Wella too. (Check out her rings -- they're the masks of Trese's sidekicks, the Kambal!)  Budjette is one happy, happy man -- and it shows! I'm super-glad for the two of them! Call me a fan of the couple. Aprub!

James and Budjette together. If you ask me, my honey looks a bit shy in this picture, and it's really adorable. 

Here's Lady Storykeeper. Her booth was my last comic-stop for the day, and I happily took home a copy of her work. You can check out her creations at or Go do it! I personally can't wait for the next installment of her "Realm of Dreams" story.

An Immortal and a Jabbawokee pose for might and free hugs.

We don't know who this guy is cosplaying, but his costume is mind-blowing. 

In the distance, we saw a pair of wing-tips dance about in the corner of the hall. Consumed with curiosity, we squeezed through the crowds, and found my college theater-mate, Adrian! It was such a happy coincidence to find him in an event like this. He told us it was his first cosplay event.

I later asked about his costume, and for how long he set to work on it. He told us he was cosplaying Kid Icarus, and that he started work on the costume last Thursday.

The event -- today -- was Sunday. 

Positively amazing. 

Here's a Kos-mos cosplayer who we saw come in rather early for the event. Kudos to her mom taking care of her, and making sure the lights on her chest-piece work.

A character named Vlad with a grin that just won't quit. He wore green sporty shorts, high soccer socks and black sports shoes. He's kooky, and I like kooky.

"Oh gosh! It's Cedie!"

That was my first reaction, and alas, I had never been more wrong. Haha!  Her big sis (the lady on the left) graciously explained to me they were cosplaying characters from an anime called Darker Than Black.

I really ought to remember Little Lord Fontleroy didn't have a five-foot-rifle-wielding lady bodyguard. Yep.

We're told that there will be another big, big cosplay even this cvoming November or October. I really hope James and I can make it! 


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