Bathroom Dance!

Thursday, September 02, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

To my  pinoy-culture-savvy readers, you might have guessed I took the title from this infamous video parody. You are absolutely right.) 

Hello, everyone. I'm writing this from home right now because I've been home all day -- and will be home for the next two or four as well.

A simmering fever and an ill-tempered tummy do not make good bedfellows, much less have good morning manners. A trip to the doctor settles that I may have either (1) Intestinal Flu, (2) Amoebiasis (again!), (3) Typhoid, or (4) UTI. Ergh. Of all the flowers I must pick from this fine bouquet, may it not be the latter two. *Sigh* This is what happens when you trust risky food a bit too much, so please children, take heed.

The lab results are still coming 'round tomorrow, so for now, it's best I sit and wait and entertain myself.

Like dinner. Dinner comprised of enjoying Attenborough's Clever Monkeys with a bunwich, banana, and some chocolate to make things pleasant. This beats tending to my FaceBook games hands down. (not that I don't every now and then, mind you...)

For now, it's three to five days of rest for me, along with paracetamol to break the fever bouts and hydration salts (yuck!). All for the best, I suppose.

And this will highly likely mean more blog posts while I'm able (yay!). Time to catch up.

Every time I suffer on the porcelain throne, all I need is look up, and things seem better.

Aaaah. Color. 


  1. Oh no! Hope you feel better SOON! Tummy troubles are no fun. I have a sensitive tummy so I have a framed & cross-stitched KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON hanging from my bathroom wall. Haha

  2. Yes~ your sunshiny bathroom <3 I hope that you're feeling so much better now. *hugs*

  3. @Meream -- Aba! I like that! Specially since bathroom business can be a terrific'ly seeeerious one. considering the slogan was used for the beginning of WWII, I'd think it's quite appropriate. :D

  4. @Clair -- Aaw! You remember!

    Thanks, girl! I'm definitely feeling better now. *hugs Bananas certainly help heaps. :D


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