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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

Astra is always good. 
Lacoste cotton, smooth like butter. Mmm. 
Four stiff rows, and a wee one. Nice. 
Hand-roll the hem. Think Labor of Love. 

And to think I was griping and grousing over ever getting started and getting things right. 
Do what you can at given present. Be here. You only have one task to do right now. Just that one. 


  1. Lacoste cotton is something I've always wanted to try. Seriously. Because I've held the fabric before and I loved it. Just that I wasn't sure I'd use it well :(

    Have fun with that~!

  2. Clair, next chance you have, go for it! It will feel glorious, even if it's just a simple skirt! :)


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