Hello, 27.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Happy birthday to me.

Hello, world. I am now twenty-seven years and a few days old.  I am also very proud to introduce to you Dining Table and Co. Dining Table and Co., say hi.


Good, let's continue.

Dining Table and Co. were commissioned to Mang Julio at the beginning of the month. After two weeks, he delivered, and how.

The set itself is a rather large investment, one I'm still paying for, but I'm sincerely very, very happy with it. :)

The dining set design was based on the "Stubborn" design by Davin Larkin. James and I later decided to add backs to the chairs. Backs always need resting every now and then. It's good for your sitting posture, too.

The bench would have to be my favorite part of the set. Isn't she a beauty? 

There. Perfect. 

The table itself is six feet long and three feet wide, which means: 
  • No more drafting and cutting cloth on the floor 
  • More sewing space
  • A better kitchen working space
  • More space to serve meals and entertain guests with. 
Without saying, I put all this lovely space to good use the morning of my birthday. 

Clockwise, from the bottom: two bowls of hot rice, a glass of ice, soy sauce platter, a pitcher of white iced tea, steamed curry beef dumplings, my first birthday gift from PJ, and a mocha roll cake from Anata. 

I've said it on my Facebook album, and I'll say it again here. I see better sewing and crafting days to come, as well as warm, happy dinners and lunches and breakfasts shared with family and friends. .^_^.*

James said my birthday was more of a practical home-centric birthday, and I agree with him. there's a certain comfort to staying home and relishing a home-cooked meal between the two of us, watching our line-up of shows and cuddling against the chilly winds. 

A new, pearly-white wall clock now hangs from our dining room-living room wall. It has glow-in-the-dark numbers and hands, and the font is quite elegant. Hee. 

I rarely post pictures of myself, but here's what I wore the next day to go shopping with James. 

Purple-pink-pearls-petticoats is <3. 


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