Wow, CBCP, seriously?!

Sunday, October 24, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

I'd like to take this chance to address an issue that's been seriously infuriating me for the past weeks. This involves a current political issue our country is facing now. If that's not your cup of tea, that's fine, there are other non-political blog posts here to entertain you, but or now, I've just got to speak my mind.

The issue of the Reproductive Health Bill.

About a month or so ago, the Church threatened the our president Noynoy Aquino with excommunication should he further push the bill to being passed. And later on, denied they ever did so.

Also, from one of the blog posts of Tobie, a good friend of mine:

Already, one protester against the Church's ineptitude has been thrown in prison under grounds of, get this, civil disobedience, and if found guilty can he locked up for up to 5 years.

Let me repeat that: The Church had a guy who protested against their views locked up.

This bill does not stop at distributing condoms and oral contraceptives to women who need them, regardless of economic standing. This bill also intends to educate people on smart sex education and women's rights.

Now, it seems the Church is set on committing civil disobedience if this bill be passed, and will not hesitate to spill blood if need be.

This is enough to make my own blood boil.

I was raised a Catholic, and although I am now an atheist, I am deeply ashamed and incensed that the Church that taught me what it is to be moral and human has now turned into this. It appalls me to think of the garbage that it teaches our children and budding young women. For shame!

Pass the RH Bill!

Caveat: This video is an opinionated view of the current situation -- but it nonetheless expresses how I feel about the issue the best.

Here's what could happen if the RH Bill is allowed to work in positive ways.


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