I can't believe this. No, I *can* do this.

Thursday, October 07, 2010 Jonette 5 Comments

I am officially challenging myself again.

This is why I have kept quiet all this time. (As well as a need to rest, but well.) Ever had one of those times when you challenge yourself with a more difficult project, excitedly tell everyone about it, then you slowly end up losing steam and abandoning the idea altogether? Well, that.

 Long story short.

This is what I'm making a replica of right now.

I am planning to replicate this ensemble from Atelier Boz in time for the company's Halloween party. The ensemble will be composed of four main pieces -- a full, black petticoat, the maroon underskirt, the black ruffled corset overskirt, and a peasant blouse (not shown, because that's just my idea.) Other items I plan to coordinate with this will be opaque black tights, black heels (or boots), and... that's all I can think of for now.

If I am insane enough, I will try to line this baby. 

A headpiece or gloves might be interesting additions, but the outfit must come first. 

The first bunch of stiff black tulle and lacoste cotton for the petti is all cut and hemmed, and the pattern for the overskirt's corset is already drafted. (I now realize that the front figure of the corset dips a bit below the waistline. Um. Must remedy that on the pattern.) I still have two other sets of tulle layers to hem. The maroon material -- which is actually rather light upholstery material, and I say so because of the diamond-flower embroidery -- and the tulle are all washed and prepped. 

A lesson learned: It's rather important you wash your material before you start cutting and sewing. It helps to bring out the real texture of the cloth, and may perhaps save you from future heartache from running colors on a dress you slaved over.

Case in point -- I bought my tulle from three different establishments (whose names escape my fuzzy memory right now). They were all quite similar texture-wise, and they all stood up the same way with a pull. After a run through the washing machine, and (some lolitas may hate me for this) some fabric conditioner, Only one type of tulle retained its stiff texture. Ah. 

Maybe I'll try using organza for my petticoats next time.   

Having finally said all this, I can still hear my brain say "Holy shit, I am crazy". I am doing my best to counter the omgomgomgthisisbatshitcrazy feeling and take to heart a response from RuPaul: "Thank you for sharing, that was nice, but I'm just going to do this over here." 

I don't know if this entire number will be ready for the halloween party, but I'm just going to do what I can. 


  1. Oh wow! This is gorgeous! Go for it!!!! <3 Go, Jonette! We believe in your awesome sewing skills <3

  2. @Clair, Oh my! *hug* Here goes nothing. Thanks for the support, girl! I'll be thinking of you cheering me on.

  3. OMG That looks soooo beautiful! I want to make one too! I can imagine it with the peasant's blouse already. *drools*

    Go, go, go Ms. Jonette! Like Clair, I have no doubts about your superb sewing skills. We are looking forward to seeing it! :)

  4. aaw! Thanks, Yoj! *hug* I can only hope to do my best with this. Yosh! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. "Ever had one of those times when you challenge yourself with a more difficult project, excitedly tell everyone about it, then you slowly end up losing steam and abandoning the idea altogether?"

    I feel this all the time, although I used to keep quiet and tell my friends it's because "I might jinx it." Currently I'm also in the process of challenging myself with "something".

    Thanks for the informative Pier/2nd-hand sewing machine post, by the way! I was able to buy my serger so conveniently because of you. :) Looking forward to more of your projects!


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