Dream Journal: The P2k Transformer

Friday, December 03, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

I woke from a rather pleasant dream Monday morning, and I'm going to write it down just so I won't forget about it.  Or get back to it in case I do.

I was looking through the different wares of a flea-market-cum-used-car-dealership that popped up in Cubao. (Don't ask me. Dreams are interesting that way.) Much to my surprise, I found an old car with this interesting pewter-pinkish paint job. Half of the hood was painted in black, and the block of black was amusingly edged in tiny scallops. It made me think this must have what Nissans looked like in the 80's, albeit its edges were slightly rounder.

Oh, and the car went for P2,000. Verrrrry odd.

for some reason, I felt it was going to be a good deal, so I bought it anyway. I had no idea how I took it home, but one minute, I was looking up at a nine-foot tall Transformer where my car used to be.

Wow. Well. I'm going to have to hide him, aren't I?

He didn't look like any of the transformers I was familiar with. Now that I think about it, he looked like he had an Optimus Prime face  on a Megatron body with a pewter Starscream helmet.

Oh, and he behaved nothing like the three. this 'bot was a big, bashful hunk of metal. curious too. He'd get curious about a streetlight, and try to gently prod it with his finger, break it, and end up hiding and quaking underneath his hands. Poor guy.

Now I wonder how I managed to get him past the gasoline depots without arousing his curiosity. Talk about getting a big pet.


  1. Wow. That was weird but I wonder what it means. Lol. Very curious dream. 2000 peso car. Hrmmmm.

  2. @Clair, yeah! How I wish there pre-loved cars came as inexpensively and awesomely as that! ^_^*


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