Decembers are busy.

Saturday, December 04, 2010 Jonette 3 Comments

Hi everyone. After a super-busy week at work, here I am. Just give me a second, and I'll stop vibrating. 


In the course of the past two weeks, two rather interesting things have happened to Yours Truly. 

The First: I am now a part of our company's newsletter team. Horray, horray! I am currently working on three articles -- two are profiles on AJ's crafting and Mon's armor-making, and another is a short list of DIY gift ideas. I'm glad to say the first article is now done and waiting in the wings for layout work, and the DIY gifts article is in the middle of pruning. I now have a new-found respect for an editor's lot -- fitting important information and panache into a few paragraphs is no joke! All in all, it's good to be writing again. 

The Second: our HR head has recruited me to help decorate the venue for our year-ender Christmas party. 

The venue is HUGE. I'm really glad we managed to find a supplier for decorative ceiling swags and other accouterments. At present, I'm assigned to decorate the stage's backdrop. I'm thinking of experimenting with paper quilling, albeit on a larger scale. This Flickriver gives me a number of interesting ideas. 

The theme for the party is a masquerade, and the motif colors are magenta and gold. Hmmm. A challenge, but not an unsurmountable one. I've a mind to also use other shades of red and purple, and maybe work in some cream. Well, we'll see. 

Update: I think I may have to scrap the paper quilling idea in favor of something simpler. Thinking of making a curtain of masks. We'll see. 


  1. Aww party decorating assignments...what I miss about working in a company. Haha

    Glad to see you posting again!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, especially the decorating bit!:D um. off topic, but when can we meet? I has your present! :3

  3. @Meream, Thanks! Cobbling together the decoration in just under a week was no joke! It was even amazing how plans changed from one thing to another. All in all, it was great. More details coming up in a future post.

    @April, Oooh! Wait, I still need to add tentacles to yous! :D How does Eastwood sound? We can also go somewhere nearer your place. :)


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