Fire teh laz0rs!

Monday, December 20, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Meet my new surveillance and security system. 

Mink has taken her aptitude for climbing a few feet further, and has breached the eight-foot high firewall. This is now her second favorite spot, where she can enjoy the chilly breeze and annoy the hounds next door from somewhere safe. 

She will also not hesitate to disable intruders on sight. You have been warned. 

Of course, she does come down to behave like a sweet little kitty again, but only when she wants to. 

Mink, further annoying the dogs. 

Mink inspecting our neighbor's side of  the matter. 
They speak not against her, and that pleases her. Greatly.

For now, only a constant offering of kibbles and cuddling can placate this --eherm-- ferocious beast. Indeed, what is to become of us? 


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