These holidays, I am thankful for...

Saturday, December 25, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

... family reunions big and small.
.. good food shared with great company. 
... unexpectedly geeking out and squeeing with fabulous cousins and friends, gay, straight, and more. 
... a pint-sized princess of a kitten. 
... the feel of yarn and kitting needles. 
... heaps of pretty, pretty fabric to play with. 
... pretty, pretty Christmas lights. 
... Sea monkeys.
... discovering and enjoying the past decade's TV shows for the first time.
... RuPaul's Drag Race Seasons 1 and 2.. 

... surprise packages from relatives across the globe. 
... hanging out sleepless with good friends, and talking about silly things. 
... the hand-made goodies that come with said friends. ^_^"
... friends who get me with books, videos, links, and more food for thought.
... friends I share girl time, secrets, and crafting joys with.
... learning from online buddies. 
... scrumptious old-fashioned bibingka galapong ang puto bumbong. 
... sewing machine hijinks and conundrums, for clarity of thought.
... flying paper lanterns to try out with my dad come New Year's.
... delicious food discoveries, and sharing them with loved ones.
... a job I love, and great bosses who cheer me on to do my best. 

... exploration and inspiration, in all forms. 
... a mom who supports me in my decisions 100%. 
... a dad who teaches me wisdom and balances me out. 
... long, restful naps. 
.. anime series marathons. 
.. escapes to comic and anime conventions, and making mundane tasks a joy to do.
... cuddle time. 
... crunch time. 
... a wonderful and amazing partner who makes all the above possible, and makes life an adventure. 
... permission from the Universe and myself to enjoy life, to pick myself up after a stumble and laugh it off, to shine, and to feel good about myself.

There are probably so many other aspects of my 2010 that I do feel thankful for, but elude me at the moment. For all these, and so much, much more, I am grateful. 

What are you thankful for these holidays?


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