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Sunday, December 14, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

I have finally and properly pinned the panels of the corset, and have sewn them together.

Heaven help us all.

Oh, I haven't told you?

Well, the corset was supposed to complement the gray skirt, and well, Life started happening so quickly as it always does, and I had to set it aside.

It's quite possible I may set it aside again after sewing the outer layer and the lining.

I do intend to shape it to match my curves, and I also do intend to add boning to it. Although the original tutorial used a different type of stiffening material, it doesn't hurt to experiment, right?

So, there.

I'm hankering right now to make myself a new skirt in time for the holidays (here we go again, jumping from one project to the next), but all in good measure.

We now return to our viewing of The Duchess, as scheduled. ^_^

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