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courtesy of Kuky Ideas.

嬉しい (ureshii):

To be glad, happy, delighted, joyful, overjoyed, cheerful, pleased, contented, grateful, elated, jubilant, exultant, ecstatic, euphoric, enraptured thrilled (to bits), over the moon... you get the picture. ;)

Waaaaah! I've been out and about for the first half of my day. I've been zipping around my living area ever since eleven this morning (which is quite early for my workshift.) for some reason, I still feel stoked with how much I've accomplished for the day. No big deal, yeah, but still!

  • The feeling of ticking off to-do tasks in your head, and relishing the feeling of having done something good today. Hell yeah!
  • My new Caha de Oro drawer. To the rest of the non-pinoys out there, the Caha de Oro is a plastic dresser popular in many a Filipino home. Its drawers come with their own locks and keys, and may come with varying accoutrements, like a mirror or a set-in alarm clock. the Caha de Oro is preceded by its more steadfast and popular sister in plasticity, the Orocan. We Filipinos swear by the might of its make, and you can read why here.

    Back to the dresser. I've wanted to get my sewing things organized after such a long time. (It's not pleasant to sleep in the living area with a pile of clutter overhead. ) I'm glad all the notions and cut-out patterns and books and a portion of my fabric pile is now neatly nestled where they are meant to be. I still need to clear out a drawer to store more fabric -- now just what to do with the leftovers and recyclables...

  • A full moon tonight! perfect for dancing, kissing, and howling under it, naked or otherwise.

  • Martial Law Babies, by Arnold Arre. W00t! I'm honestly stoked that Sir Arnold's newewst graphic novel is finally out and about! It's about growing up under Martial Law in the regime of Ferdinand Marcos, being shaped by 80's TV and Music. As taken from About:

    Their ambitions may be dampened by third world realities and malcontention but they also proudly belong to a generation of dreamers who fight for their voices to be heard. They are among the so-called "Bagong Lipunan" children, trying their best to live up to their name. But over the years, as Allan watches his friends leave one by one and feels his sense of idealism wane, he starts to wonder where they are all headed.


    If you're in the Philippines, go grab your copy now at ComicQuest in SM Megamall, and Kaffe Cafe in Banawe Street, Quezon City. It'll soon make appearances in most major bookstores, but why wait when you can order online? (you cheeky darling, you.^_~*)

  • The Enchanted Doll, by Marina Bychkova. As-tounding. Methinks this deserves a post of its own. (coming very soon, I promise!) Nonetheless, it made me really happy.

courtesy of Jennie Castillo.

  • My new Vivitar Slim and Wide Camera. This is my first step to Lomography. Kudos to the lovely Jennie C! I do believe this may be the start of a wonderful friendship. ;)

  • Arashi songs as a pick-me-up. Work buddy April took me out to dinner on an evening that was going less than pleasant. (Une petit agent provocateur is also responsible for infecting me with her love for Japanese boy bands and their game shows. :P) In the middle of moodily poking at my sushi, this song came on.

    (It's fun-ner when you watch it. ^_^)

  • The Typealyzer. Give it your blog's URL and it'll tell you what kind of personality your blog has. (or, how you write it out to be.) I was pleasantly surprised with my results.

  • Where the Dewey Decimal System would place me if I were a book:

    Jonette Valenciano's Dewey Decimal Section:
    765 Metal engraving

    Jonette Valenciano = 05450052125439145 = 054+500+521+254+391+45 = 1765

    700 Arts & Recreation

    Architecture, drawing, painting, music, sports.

    What it says about you:
    You're creative and fun, and you're good at motivating the people around you. You're attracted to things that are visually interesting. Other people might not always understand your taste or style, but it's yours.

    Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com

Alright, then. Three questions for you, dear reader. What made you happy this week?
And what do the two memes above say about you?
I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Come on now, don't be shy. ^_~*


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